Why to become a vegan

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Why to become a vegan Veganism has been a growing trend for a long time. Today, its expansion is so great that not only do almost all restaurants offer some vegan food, but there are also many restaurants, chains and shops that fully focus on this trend. But what are the reasons that lead people to become vegans? Read more

Why is sugar harmful

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Why is sugar harmful Sugar is said to be the most common drug in the world. We find it in sweets, we add it to coffee or tea, it plays an important role on holidays such as Christmas, and we even consume it in foods where we would not even expect it. Many food manufacturers artificially add it to their products to make people enjoy the products more, and retailers sell them more. But for centuries, sugar in Europe was considered a luxury commodity that only the richest of the rich could afford. How is it that sugar is so cheap and widespread now? What are the hidden threats to its excessive consumption? Read more

Why are the United States and Saudi Arabia allies

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Why are the United States and Saudi Arabia allies The alliance between the United States and Saudi Arabia could be counted among the most bizarre alliances of the powers in the world. There are perhaps no more ideologically opposing allies than these two. On the one hand, there is a republic where lawmakers swear on the Bible, on the other hand, there is an absolute monarchy that promotes the most radical form of Islam called Wahhabism, whose members, largely directly from the Saudis, are behind the September 11, 2001 attacks on the United States. But how did this alliance come into being and what are the main reasons for its persistence to this day? Read more

Why is Christmas celebrated

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Why is Christmas celebrated Christmas is an annual holiday celebrating the birth of Jesus Christ. The exact date of Jesus' birth is unknown, but it has been dated December 25 since the 4th century. Christmas is a holiday celebrated almost all over the world, even by non-Christians and in some countries where Christianity is not the majority religion. So, what are the reasons for celebrating Christmas? Read more

Why is Russian spoken in Kazakhstan

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Why is Russian spoken in Kazakhstan In Kazakhstan, and other post-Soviet republics of Central Asia, Russian is spoken, along with the local language. Russian is the second official language in Kazakhstan, and even more people in Kazakhstan speak Russian (75 %) than Kazakh (64.4 %). In recent years, however, the Kazakh government has been trying to divert and build its own stronger identity in various ways away from the influence of Russian culture. But why does the Russian language dominate Kazakhstan? How far does the beginnings of the Russian language go in there? Read more

Why do our teeth go bad

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Why do our teeth go bad Up to 2.3 billion people suffer from tooth decay, which is about 32 % of all people on Earth. Tooth decay is mainly associated with poor people who do not have access to proper oral hygiene. However, this cannot be said about the Czech Republic, where up to 80 % of people encounter tooth decay during their lives! So, what causes tooth decay? Why do our teeth go bad? Read more

Why is Lake Chad drying up

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Why is Lake Chad drying up Lake Chad is a large African lake located on the borders of Chad, Niger, Nigeria, and Cameroon. It is estimated that in its greatest glory, about 7,000 years ago, it covered an area of 1,000,000 km2. At present, it covers an area of 1,350 km2 and only between 1963 and 1998 its area decreased by 95 %. What is the cause of such a dramatic decline? Read more

Why does our hair grow

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Why does our hair grow Among other things, hair plays a very important social role in human life. They can have different colors, shapes, lengths, curvatures across different ethnicities. Hair is biologically almost identical to fur in animals. But people do not have hair on most of their body or do not have in distinct quantities. Why on the head we have it and why in such quantities? Read more

Why are there thunders during the storm

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Why are there thunders during the storm Thunder is a natural phenomenon that we hear during a storm immediately after lightning. From the time delay between the occurrence of lightning and the recording of thunder, we can determine how far the storm is from us. But why do we hear thunder at all? Read more

Why is amount of insect in decline

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Why is amount of insect in decline Insects play a very important role in our ecosystem. A large part of insects is advantageous and available for pollination of plants, regulation of pests, recycling of dead plants and animals, or as animal feed. Biodiversity is closely tied to life on Earth, and its reduction can have irreversible detrimental consequences for the entire animal kingdom, including us humans. Read more