Why we pay with money

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Why we pay with money Money has magical powers in our society. Every day we sacrifice a large part of the day and effort at work to earn them, for some of us their mere possession earns a living and for others the money can disrupt whole families. But we weren't using money in the past. What was the main motivation for creating money? Read more

Why the State of Israel was created

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Why the State of Israel was created Israel is a relatively small country in terms of area and population. On the other hand, it is strong technologically, economically, militarily and politically. Set in the middle of the Islamic world, it has gone through several wars during its short existence and is practically constantly struggling with various skirmishes and incidents. Why did the state of Israel even come into being and why is there so much fuss about it in the region? Read more

Why Denmark owns Greenland

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Why Denmark owns Greenland Greenland is about 50 times larger than Denmark, is de facto part of North America, and several states are closer to Greenland than Denmark. Nevertheless, Greenland is part of the Kingdom of Denmark. What is the history of this largest island in the world and why does it fall administratively under Denmark? Read more

Why the Inca Empire fell

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Why the Inca Empire fell The Inca Empire was the largest American empire before the arrival of the Spaniards. During its greatest glory, its population numbered over 10 million people and its area corresponded to the area of today's Mexico, which is the 13th largest country in the world. Nevertheless, the Inca Empire fell only a few years after its discovery by the Spaniards. Was only a small group of Spanish conquerors really behind its demise, or did something else cause its downfall? Read more

Why did the Aztec empire fall

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Why did the Aztec empire fall We were taught in elementary schools that the great American civilizations, namely the Aztec, Mayan, and Inca, perished shortly after the arrival of the Spaniards, in which the locals saw the Gods. However, this rumor was born only in the minds of some Spanish propagandists. But why aren't these nations today what they used to be? What really happened after the arrival of the Spaniards? Were the Spaniards the main driving force behind the fall of the Aztec Empire? Read more

Why mammoths became extinct

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Why mammoths became extinct Mammoths were the majestic inhabitants of the northern hemisphere from Western Europe through North Asia to North America. From skeletal remains, paintings in caves and modern scientific methods, we know for sure that they lived close to people and were even hunted for meat. Why aren't they among us today? Did they become extinctinct by human, global warming, or was the cause completely different? Read more

Why we age

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Why we age Aging is a process that we all feel for ourselves from birth to death. Today's science can already answer a large number of questions about aging, and it continues to strive to uncover more and more secrets of this fate of nature. The aging process is very difficult to explain at the cellular level, but in the macroscopic world, each of us can influence it with relatively simple actions. So what is it that we are aging? Why do some people age faster than others? Can we slow down, stop, or even reverse aging? Read more

Why a maypole is build

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Why a maypole is build Maypole is a decoration made of a cut tree trunk, mostly spruce, the tip of which is formed by a wreath decorated with ribbons. In the Czech Republic, a maypole is being built on April 30 or May 1, or in other countries on the feast of St. George, Pentecost or during the Midsummer. This tradition is widespread almost throughout Europe and has survived even the spread of Christianity. But why is the maypole being built at the first place? Read more

Why does an apple turn brown

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Why does an apple turn brown We all know that an apple turns brown after being cut or beaten. The same phenomenon can be observed in mangoes, avocados, or potatoes, for example. An apple loses its quality when beaten and is less marketable for traders. But why does browning occur at all? Read more

Why does a zebra have stripes

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Why does a zebra have stripes The zebra, with its white and black stripes, is a truly iconic animal. Since the 19th century, many scientific theories have emerged explaining the reason for these stripes. Some theories have been refuted, but one very notable is currently the most accepted by the scientific community. So why does a zebra have stripes? Read more