Why is the World Cup in Qatar controversial

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Why is the World Cup in Qatar controversial The FIFA World Cup will take place in Qatar from 21 November to 18 December 2022. Qatar won the secret ballot in 2010, beating the United States, Australia, Japan and South Korea. From the very beginning, the organization of the World Cup was accompanied by a number of controversies. Why is this event so controversial and what is it about? Read more

Why aurora is created

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Why aurora is created The Northern Lights, or Aurora, is a breathtaking phenomenon in the sky. It can be seen simultaneously in the southern and northern hemispheres in the area around the Arctic and Antarctic. People have always tried unsuccessfully to explain its revelation. Today we already know what is causing it. So why and how does aurora come about? Read more

Why Bruce Lee died

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Why Bruce Lee died Bruce Lee, one of the most famous Hong Kong people, has managed to gain immortality in both the Eastern and Western Hemispheres during his relatively short career. Thanks to film and martial arts, he helped connect the East with the West and inspire huge numbers of young people to take an interest in martial arts. Unfortunately, he died on July 20, 1973 at the age of only 32. What was the reason for his sudden and unexpected death? Read more

Why do joints crack

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Why do joints crack Some people love to crack their joints. Most often on the fingers, toes and spine. Other people can't stand this sound. There are people who believe that cracking joints leads to osteoarthritis. But why do joints crack at all? Read more

Why do sheep bleat

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Why do sheep bleat The domestic sheep (Latin: Ovis aries), which this article focuses on, is a domesticated form of sheep typically kept as livestock. It is an even-toed ungulate and a ruminant that provides people with wool, milk and, to a lesser extent, meat. As is well known, sheep make a characteristic sound that we call bleating or baaing. But why do sheep bleat? Read more

Why NATO was created

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Why NATO was created NATO (North Atlantic Treaty Organization), or the North Atlantic Alliance for short, is a military intergovernmental grouping of 28 European and 2 North American countries. The defense budget for these countries in 2019 reached an incredible 57% of the defense budget of all countries in the world. But why and how did NATO come into being? Read more

Why coral bleaching occurs

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Why coral bleaching occurs Corals are marine invertebrates belonging to the anemone tribe that live in genetically identical colonies. It creates an amazing living ecosystem on the seabed, which benefits up to a quarter of all marine species. In recent years, however, we hear more and more in the news about the so-called bleaching of corals. What is it and why does coral bleaching occur at all? Read more

Why is a microwave safe

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Why is a microwave safe Some people raise concerns about microwaves safety to human health. Mostly, these are really just odd concerns about the lack of knowledge about how a microwave oven works. Although microwave ovens are still in the sights of researchers and engineers, their principle is relatively simple. So why is a microwave safe? And is it really that safe? Read more

Why 5G is a revolutionary technology

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Why 5G is a revolutionary technology In the last two years, 5G has received a fair amount of media attention from enthusiasts who write about what this technology will allow us to, from politicians who are trying to advance the interests of large companies or distance themselves from certain companies, to conspirators who create hard to believable bizarre nonsenses, such as the theory of COVID-19 disease transmission using 5G transmitters. One way or another, however, 5G opens the way to a very interesting future. What can it bring us and why is 5G revolutionary in this regard? Read more

Why the Japanese performed seppuku

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Why the Japanese performed seppuku Seppuku, also known as harakiri, is the ritual suicide of the samurai code of bushido. Traditionally, this ritual was only allowed to samurai. It has been banned in Japan since 1873. But why did the samurai approach this act? Read more